Donna Reed Theatre Technical Specifications

General Information

The Donna Reed Theatre for the Performing Arts is an operating movie theatre that converts to a stage for live productions. The 22’ x 44’ curved screen is suspended from tracks and can be moved upstage to serve as a white backdrop.

Stage Specifications:

  • Proscenium opening: Width 30’ 6”, Height: 25’
  • Stage depth, Grand drape to upstage wall: 24’
  • Stage depth, Grand drape to upstage movie screen: 20’
  • Apron depth, Grand drape to front of stage: 4’
  • Wing space, stage right: 13’
  • Wing space, stage left: 12’
  • Stage height above auditorium floor: 3’
  • Balcony 44’ from stage

Loading Area

  • Primary entry through the theatre lobby at 1303 Broadway (door width: 4’6”).
  • Secondary entry through a 3’ wide theatre exit door located 5’ above street level.
  • A stage door (5' 10" wide, 14' high) is available 10 feet above ground level and requires use of a fork lift.


  • The theatre does not have a fly space.
  • The Grand drape travels.
  • There is no masking available.


  • Imagenation Series Microprocessor lighting controller (MC1223CM)
  • ETA Programmable DMX512/Altraplex Dimmer, 4 channel, 1200 W/channel, 4800W/unit
  • (2) Par 64
  • Independent electrical outlets, 20 amp: (8) balcony, (8) stage
  • No spotlight


  • 7 channel Peavey XR-600F mixer/amplifier feeds into movie house sound system
  • (6) low-noise, low-Z mic preamps
  • (4) high-Z 1/4” mic inputs
  • Dual RCA jack summing stereo outputs into mono
  • (6) Benson BA-25 microphones
  • 48 V phantom power
  • (2) monitor speakers
  • Tascam CD-2500 CD/Cassette player

Movie Projector

  • Distance from projection lens to projection screen: 94.5’

Stage Equipment

  • Steinway concert quality grand piano, model O (6’ 4”)
  • podium
  • removable steps from front of stage into house

Dressing Rooms

  • Large meeting room located beneath stage.
  • Stairs allow access to both house and stage.
  • Tables, chairs, mirror.
  • Private restroom.
  • No communication monitor or page.


  • Seating capacity: 275 main floor, 371 balcony
  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Donna Reed Theatre is located at 1303 Broadway
    (Corner of Broadway and Main)


Donna Reed Foundation Office
1305 Broadway, Denison, IA 51442
PH: (712) 263-3334
FX: (712) 263-8026

Exterior view from Broadway and Main.
Computer-controlled marquee signage on street-facing edge.


Interior view of main lobby with celebrity portraits.


Movie concession booth off of main lobby.


Access to main theatre space behind main lobby doors.


Main theatre seating includes wheel chair platforms
on both sides of rear seating area. Courtesy safety lighting
and hand railing in center aisle.


Main stage with projection screen deployed.


Main theatre view from stage.


Detail: upper balcony lighting.


Detail: upper balcony seating.

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