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Art (item A-1, left): A Tribute to Donna Reed - 24" x 19" - pencil sketch print, unframed - $25.00
  • Beautiful montage sketch of Donna Reed from key moments in her life - starting with Denison through her Hollywood career and beyond! A limited edition print! Unframed.
Art (item A-2, right): Donna Reed - 23.5" x 18" - colored montage print, unframed - $25.00
  • Beautiful painting montage of Donna Reed and our Performing Arts Festival & Workshops. A striking limited edition print! Unframed.

Art (item A-3, left): Donna Reed Performing Arts Theater - 17" x 11" - print, unframed - $25.00
  • Lithograph of the Donna Reed Center for the Performing Arts at the corners of Broadway and Main in Denison, Iowa. Home to the Foundation offices, museum, Reiney's candy kitchen, chamber of commerce, and Bluespace Creative Inc.
Book (item B-1, right): "In Search of Donna Reed" - by Jay Fultz, 1998, 236 pages
  • An essential biography for any Donna Reed fan that details her life from the American heartland to worldwide acting recognition to pioneering entertainment professional to peace activist. And, above all, loyal friend, mother, advisor, intellectual, artist, and role model.
  • Hardcover, signed by author, Paul & Patti Petersen, Shelley Fabares, Jimmy Hawkins, and Ann McCrea (cast members of the Donna Reed Show) - Sold Out
  • Paperback, unsigned - $22.00

Book (item B-2, left): "It's A Wonderful Life for Kids!" - by Jimmy Hawkins, 2006, 40 pages - Sold Out
  • An engaging new story that is illuminated from the point of view of the youngest son, Tommy Bailey.
Book (item B-3, right): The Essential Guide to "It's A Wonderful Life" - by Michael Willian, 2006, 160 pages - $16.00
  • An essential scene-by-scene guide to the classic film that is rich in details, stories, and images from the film and production - a must for fans!

Book (item B-4, left): "It's A Wonderful Life" The 50th Anniversary Scrapbook - by Jimmy Hawkins, 1996, 112 pages, signed - Sold Out, Out of Print
  • Lavishly illustrated and detailed hardcover book with valuable insights, facts, and views of the production and their impact on an American favorite. This collector's item is autographed by its author, the actor who played young Tommy Bailey in this cinematic classic. (Number 11 on AFI's list of America's 100 Greatest Movies.)
Book (item B-5, right): "It's a Wonderful Life" Triva Book - by Jimmy Hawkins and Paul Petersen, 1995 - Sold Out
  • More than 250 mind-stumping questions for your most ardent film fan and family! Read it, quiz your friends, and keep it handy while you enjoy the holiday classic over and over again. A must for any collector's shelf.

Book (item B-6, left): Donna Reed Festival Celebrity Cookbook, 1994, illustrated - $5.00
  • Delicious appetizers, salads, vegetable dishes, main dishes, and special desserts from celebrity and family contributors to the Donna Reed Festival and Foundation! Illustrated with images and biographies of notable visitors to Denison, Iowa, along with many behind-the-scene views of our continuing work. Conveniently delivered in a 3-ring format with a handy easel binder to help you in the kitchen. There's even room for your own favorite recipes - don't miss this keepsake!
Miscellaneous (item M-1, right): Water Bottle - 32 ozs / 1 liter capacity - Out of stock
  • Keep yourself hydrated and healthy with this high-capacity water bottle! Screw-on top and volume markings keep you up-to-date on your intake. Makes great gifts for your friends (or yourself!)
Miscellaneous (item M-6, not illustrated): Stainless steel travel mug - $9.00
  • A great stainless steel travel mug to keep your beverages fresh and travel-ready! While you're waiting for the water bottles, these mugs also make great gifts for your friends (or yourself!)

Book (item B-7, left): It's a Wonderful Life - by Marie Cahill, 1992, 112 pages - $7.00
  • This illustrated volume (hardcover, 6" x 6.5" book) covers the story of George Bailey and family through black and white movie stills and publicity photos. It is a more abbreviated version of item B-8 to the right.
Book (item B-8, right): It's a Wonderful Life : A Hollywood Classic - by Marie Cahill, 1992, 112 pages - $11.00
  • This hardcover classic (11.5" x 8.5") is a richly illustrated telling of the classic movie story, complete with detailed photos, stills, and cast shots.
Book (item B-9): Donna Reed Paper Dolls and Movie Fashions of the '40s and '50s - by David Wolfe, 2011, 8 pages - $12.00
  • This edition (paperback, 11" x 9.5" book) features two Donna Reed dolls and 8 pages of colorful costumes from her many movies of the 1940's and 1950s.

Book (item B-10): It's a Wonderful Life for Kids Coloring Book - by Jimmy Hawkins, 2011, 60 pages - $9.00
  • This official 65th anniversary edition (softcover, 10.9" x 8.5" book) by Jimmy Hawkins (Tommy Bailey of the 1946 holiday classic film) is a fun coloring and activity book told from the eyes of the youngest Bailey. It is a wonderful treat for readers and fans of all ages.

Magnet (item M-2, left): It's a Wonderful Life - 7.00
  • Large (4 3/8" wide by 10 1/8" tall) collectible magnet featuring George and Mary Bailey's passionate embrace on top of this theater poster for the 1946 classic.
Magnet (item M-3, left): It's a Wonderful Life (red) - 6.00
Magnet (item M-4, center): It's a Wonderful Life (yellow) - 6.00
Magnet (item M-5, right): It's a Wonderful Life (Stewart) - 6.00
  • Collectible (approx 5" wide x 6 1/2" tall) magnets featuring various theater campaign posters for the 1946 classic.

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