The Donna Reed Show - Season One


The Donna Reed Show

Season One

Arts Alliance America (670494)
Running Time: approx 963 minutes
DVD Video - 4 Discs
Black & White - 4x3 aspect ratio

Released: 10/28/2008



The Donna Reed Show

Donna Reed (Donna Stone)
Carl Betz (Alex Stone)
Shelley Fabares (Mary Stone)
Paul Petersen (Jeff Stone)

1. Weekend Trip - (9/24/1958)

Donna and Alex attempt a weekend getaway to the mountains with the kids while overcoming the many challenges of Dr. Stone's family practice.

Jack Kelk (Dr. Boland), Howard Wendell (George Heiser), Alice Reinheart (Mrs. Barclay), Louise Lewis (Mrs. Whitman), Hugh Corcoran (Eddie)

2. Pardon My Gloves - (10/1/1958)

Donna joins a local production of "A Doll's House" with consequences that spill over into Jeff's life when he is caught fighting in the neighborhood.

Mary Shipp (Lydia Langley), Kim Charney (Chunky Langley)

3. The Hike - (10/8/1958)

Donna steps up to save a camping trip for Jeff and his friends when Alex is unable to keep his promise.

Scott Morrow (Peewee), Ricky Klein (1st Boy), Stephen Pearson (2nd Boy), Alan Aaronson (3rd Boy), Martin Smith (Ranger)

4. The Male Ego - (10/15/1958)

After Mary sings the praises of motherhood in a community essay contest, Alex must cope with its impact on Hilldale and himself.

Lawrence Dobkin (Dr. Winfield Graham), Alvy Hoore (Hank), Jack Straw (Salesman), Sid Tomack (Mac)

5. The Football Uniform - (10/22/1958)

Jeff is in a bind when he cannot get the football uniform he wants because Donna and Alex realize they have over-indulged his other recent requests.

Hugh Corcoran (Eddie Barclay), Robert McKenny (Tom Ellis)

6. The Foundling - (10/29/1958)

When a baby appears on the Stone's doorstep, they become determined to find the real parents before they must turn little Willy over to the authorities.

Paul Picerni (Tony, the Mllkman), Fintan Meyler (Kathleen), Don Hildreth (Policeman)

7. Three Part Mother - (11/5/1958)

The Stone family places Donna in a triple-bind situation when they all discover conflicting events that they individually want Donna to attend.

Ross Elliott (Woody Graham)

8. Change Partners and Dance - (11/12/1958)

Mary's attempt to win a date to the Varsity Prom with George Haskell goes awry when he develops a crush on Donna after she teaches him to dance.

Jimmy Hawkins (George Haskell), Dena Bliss (Betty)

9. Dough Re-Mi - (11/19/1958)

The Hospital, the "Bobcats", and Donna are counting on Jeff's successful fund-raising efforts with a world-class pianist.

Mary Shipp (Lydia Langley), Roger Til (Anton Duval), Reba Waters (Antoinette Duval)

10. Guest in the House - (11/26/1958)

Dr. Stone's angry, runaway patient from a nearby military school ends up spending Thanksgiving with the family.

Charles Herbert (David Barker), John Bryant (Major Barker), Stephen Courtleigh (Colonel Woodward), John Reach (Police Officer)

11. The Baby Contest - (12/3/1958)

Alex finds himself the uncomfortable center of attention when he is named to judge a baby contest sponsored by Donna's social club.

Virginia Christine (Margaret Lang), Anne Whitfield (Helen Cooper), Ruth Terry (Ruth Sterling), Dorothy Morris (Shirley Watson), Gerry Lock (Myra Robinson)

12. The Beaded Bag - (12/10/1958)

Donna resists buying a beaded handbag she fancies only to find Alex believing he was manipulated into buying it for her later.

Mary Treen (Miss Winters), Angela Greene (Patsy Cole), Rickie Sorensen (Bobby Cole), Robert Nash (Man)

13. The Busy Body - (12/17/1958)

Donna's uncle Fred from South Africa flies in (literally) to the Stone family's lives and stirs things up in Hilldale.

Rhys Williams (Uncle Fred), Ann Doran (Mrs. Adams), Irving Bacon (Mayor Webster)

14. A Very Merry Christmas - (12/24/1958)

The Stone family loses touch with the spirit of Christmas until Charlie, the humble hospital janitor, helps them rediscover it.

Buster Keaton (Charlie), Butler Hixson (Dr. Florey), Murray Alper (Joe)

15. Mary's Double Date - (12/31/1958)

Mary plays with fire by waiting until the last minute to choose between two football players for the Hilldale High School Junior Prom.

Buzz Martin (Charlie), Bobby Burgess (Ernie), Tom Brandt (Phil)

16. Jeff's Double Life - (1/7/1959)

Jeff hurts his arm in an accident and tries to conceal it from his parents by visiting a new town doctor under an assumed name.

Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Wilgus), Peter Adams (Dr. Barry)

17. Nothing But the Truth - (1/14/1959)

Lessons of truth are in store for all when David Barker, the runaway from Thanksgiving, revisits the Stone family on his birthday.

Charles Herbert (David Barker), Gregory Irvin (Mousie Myers), Jimmy Fields (Snyder)

18. It's the Principle of the Thing - (1/21/1959)

A proud, single father cannot pay for his son's medical treatment by Dr. Stone, so the family attempts to help him earn the difference.

Hans Conreid (Mr. Popkin), Richard Deacon (Mr. Johnson), Bobby Crawford (Joey), David McMahon (Cop)

19. Jeff vs. Mary - (1/28/1959)

Jeff struggles with his younger position in the family when he begins to feel that Donna and Alex love Mary more than him.

Stephen Pearson (Zachary Blake), Jack Kelk (Dr. Boland), Pat McCaffrie (Electrician)

20. Have Fun - (2/4/1959)

Mary nervously goes out on a date with a new, older boy that goes awkwardly wrong, prompting Donna and Alex to recount their own nervous beginnings.

George Hamilton (Herbie Shields), Sherwood Price (Dr. Hooper), Arthur Lovejoy (Headwaiter)

21. Donna Plays Cupid - (2/11/1959)

Donna thinks she has found the perfect match for family friend and bachelor doctor, "Uncle Bo" Boland.

Jack Kelk (Dr. Boland), Susan Dorn (Ceil Pennington), Hal Baylor (Herbie Armbruster), Joanna Lee (Connie)

22. Love Thy Neighbor - (2/18/1959)

Mr. and Mrs. Wilgus, the Stone's neighbors, are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and the sparks are still flying.

Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Wilgus), Howard McNear (Mr. Wilgus), Maudie Prickett (Miss Sanders), Cosmo Sardo (Maitre d')

23. The Report Card - (2/25/1959)

Donna and Jeff do not see eye to eye about being a "C" student - they still have a lot to learn about each other.

Harvey Grant (Philip), Ann Doran (Mrs. Adams), Stephen Pearson (Zachary), Irene Vernon (Miss Standish)

24. Boys Will Be Boys - (3/4/1959)

Young David Barker returns from the military academy, this time to get a tetanus shot from the doctor and an overnight visit with the Stone family.

Charles Herbert (David Barker), John Harmon (Rat), Ric Roman (Gangster), Darlene Fields (Moll), Carleton Young (Major Ryan)

25. The Ideal Wife - (3/11/1959)

The pedestal of perfection that everyone holds Donna up on also seems to be grounds to take advantage of her good nature.

Sid Tomack (Mac, Hilldale Cleaners), Keith Richards (Dr. Lester Brock), Frances Robinson (Ellen Marcy), Don Harvey (Dr. Harry Marcy), Gerry Lock (Kate Brock)

26. Mary's Campaign - (3/18/1959)

Mary's run for class vice president has far reaching effects on her family and friends when she tries to change everyone to suit her campaign.

Gigi Perreau (Cathy), Natalie Masters (Miss Aldridge), Melinda Byron (Betsy)

27. The Flowered Print Dress - (3/25/1959)

Donna and Alex look at their marriage through the eyes of newlyweds and an older couple and wonder what stage they are at themselves.

Addison Richards (Dr. Butler), Lillian Bronson (Mrs. Butler), Olive Sturgess (Carol Berke), Keith Vincent (Jim Berke)

28. April Fool - (4/1/1959)

Singing idol Buzz Barry cancels his only concert and seeks private refuge from his fans while he recovers from measles.

James Darren (Buzz Barry), Jesse White (Lou Vance), Ted Knight (Phil Martin), Nancy Randall (Alice), Doreen Tracy (Flo), Melinda Plowman (Sue)

29. The Parting of the Ways - (4/8/1959)

The rumor mill runs wild when overheard conversations lead to conclusions about friends that could be devastating.

Mary Lawrence (Myra Keppler), Melinda Plowman (Babs Keppler), Pat McCaffrie (Jack Keppler)

30. The Hero - (4/15/1959)

Biff Jameson, Alex's college roommate and Rose Bowl football hero, visits Hilldale and finds a touchstone for his own life.

Ben Gage (Biff Jameson), Jimmy Hawkins (George Haskell), Tom Palmer (Harry), Gordon Gebert (Stanley)

31. Do You Trust Your Child? - (4/22/1959)

Donna gives a PTA lecture on parent-child relationships and then second guesses her own expertise when she has to apply her advice to her own mother-daughter relationship.

Richard Tyler (Leonard), Florida Friebus (Helen Brooks), Jymme Shore (Nancy)

32. The Grateful Patient - (4/29/1959)

Donna considers reupholstering the family couch yet the most attractive alternatives seem beyond the reach of her thrifty sense - enter the Wilgus couple from next door.

Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Wilgus), Howard McNear (Mr. Wilgus), Jack Straw (Mr. Alexander)

33. The Testimonial - (5/6/1959)

Dr. Jason is ready to retire and let go of his practice to younger professionals like Alex - the question is, is Hilldale ready?

James Bell (Dr. Jason), Olive Blakeney (Mrs. Jason), Tommy Andre (Willie), Harry Cheshire (Mayor), Bruce Hayes (Wagner), Stephen Roberts (Mr. Herman)

34. Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea - (5/13/1959)

The Stone family hires a housekeeper so that Donna can chair an important Hilldale charity drive ("Have a Heart Hilldale") - the results are surprising on all fronts.

Estelle Winwood (Miss Lovelace), Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Westcott Trilling), Esther Dale (Mrs.Arbogast), Elizabeth Talbot-Martin (Matron)

35. Tomorrow Comes Too Soon - (5/20/1959)

Donna and Alex spend a weekend away from the children only to begin to realize what it will be like when they leave for good.

Harry Ellerbe (Phil), Joan Tompkins (Patty), Gary Troy (Jim)

36. Advice to Young Lovers - (5/27/1959)

Mary finds herself losing in the competition with Babs for George's attention and Donna and Alex offer some of their own insights.

Jimmy Hawkins (George Haskell), Melinda Plowman (Babs Keppler)

37. Operation Deadbeat - (6/3/1959)

Jeff runs to the end of his credit lines and must find new ways to pay off his debts - a situation that is surprisingly universal around him.

Alan Reed (Mr. Finsterwald), William Keene (Mr. McDonnell), H. Perry Cook (Mr. Folger), Tony Miller (Checker)


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